Case Number: 2019-003435

In Consumer Fraud

Spanish-speaking client is seeking assistance regarding a real estate property contract created in 2001. Client entered into the contract to purchase the property from the adverse parties and currently lives alone at the property, paying all taxes for the property. Client, in 2001, paid a down payment and agreed to monthly installments until early 2028. An additional promissory note between the parties was entered in 2005 and another in 2010. Client has regularly made payments, split evenly between the two adverse parties, and has proof of payments. At the beginning of May 2019, client attempted to make payment and the bank account for one adverse party was closed without notice. A couple of weeks later, client received a call and letter from the children of the adverse party with the closed bank account, stating adverse party was deceased and provided a different bank account to deposit payment. Additionally, client was recently informed by Las Vegas Valley Water District that payment receipts would only appear under the name of the living adverse party, no longer listing the client, and that the property is in a trust. Client needs assistance with investigating the status of the real estate and ideally entering into a new contract.

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