Case Number: 2019-001262

In Children's Attorneys Project (Abuse/Neglect Cases)

Newborn baby is in foster care, having been born to a mother who is in jail, waiting transfer to federal prison for felony burglary charges. Family reports that the mother has a long standing methamphetamine abuse problem; maternal grandparents declined placement of the child and have declared their intent not to be involved with his mother any longer.  The father of the baby has also declined placement.  The baby has three older half siblings. DFS has not been able to locate any other family or fictive kin for this child.  The baby is in needs of an attorney to represent his wishes and legal rights as to placement, permanency, visitation and to ensure appropriate services are in place.  There is an Adjudicatory Plea Hearing set for March 27, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. in Courtroom 23.

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