Case Number: 2019-000963

In Consumer Fraud

Type of case: Debt & Other Title of Property
Spanish speaking, father with 6 minor children at home, seeks help with representation in a District Court case after being served with a Complaint on or about January 30, 2019. Plaintiff is suing for violations of Clark County, Nevada-Code of Ordinances 9.04.240, Unjust Enrichment, and Foreclosure of Liens. Plaintiff also seeks substantial damages for non-payment of garbage collection fees. On Christmas Eve 2014, client was hit by a vehicle. The driver was his current girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend. The individual was charged with attempted man slaughter. Client did not receive any insurance compensation after the criminal case, because it was an intentional act. The injuries client sustained kept him out of work for a few years. However, he has recently returned to work. Client is concerned about losing his property. He would like an attorney to help negotiate a repayment plan and assist with the District Court case.

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