Case Number: 2019-000911

In Consumer Fraud

Client is seeking assistance to sue an auto repair entity. In September of 2018 she took her car to the facility to get an inspection because she felt the vehicle was running weird. They suggested an engine replacement. October 2018, PC paid $1500 as a Non-refundable deposit to get the engine replaced with a remanufactured engine. Additionally, PC paid $750 for engine assembly and shipping. Client was informed that the engine came w/ a 1 year warranty, however, they did not provide paperwork for it. A couple of months after the work was done, Client still felt the vehicle running weird. A mechanic friend determined the engine was replaced with as used motor. She went back to the repair facility with this information and they were unwilling to help. The replacement motor is defective. Client is seeking legal assistance to get her money back.

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