Case Number: 2019-000838

In Consumer Fraud

Moving company quoted $270 price, when they went to deliver moving company demanded $500. Moving company then left without delivering all of the goods and is now demanding $1500 to deliver all of her items. Client is seeking assistance w/ getting her belongings back from Movers including 4 Tv’s, furniture, microwave, clothes, dishes and personal paperwork. She claims they are holding the items hostage. After getting all her property loaded onto the truck and arriving at the new property, the driver got off the phone w/ his “boss” and told PC she had to pay $587 at that moment before unloading the truck. She told him she didn’t have that kind of money and could pay $250 (in addition to 90 already paid). Driver negotiated charging the $250 as long as client and her son helped unload the truck, took down client’s credit card information. All of a sudden Cody took off running downstairs, got in his truck and sped off with the truck still open. PC and her son chased him down and blocked the exit of the community. Cody tried to back up which resulted in hitting 2 other vehicles. Client contact LVMPD, when they arrived they instructed everyone to exchange information. Client has been buying things from Goodwill to wear and use around her home but it’s difficult with her budget.

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