Case Number: 2019-000611

In Consumer Fraud

Client would like assistance in collecting his default judgment of $200,814. Default Judgment is against RED (“Real Estate Development”) Las Vegas, Inc., Orlando Vera, Christian Delgado, Juan Robles, Tanya Chaverri, and Latino Global, LLC. The State of Nevada prosecuted Orlando Vera in Eighth Judicial District Court Case Number C-14-301201-1.  Mr. Vera pleaded guilty.  His sentence included making restitution payments to all 63 victims jointly and severally with Jose Christian Delgado and Juan Estaban Robles.  Mr. Vera was ordered to make an initial restitution payment/deposition in the amount of $248,000.00 on July 7, 2015.  He has since been ordered to submit a minimum monthly restitution payment of $250.00.  Jose Christian Delgado and Juan Estaban Robles have also been prosecuted in Eighth Judicial District Court Case Numbers C-14-301201-2 and C-14-301201-3, respectively, but they do not have any assets available to contribute towards the restitution payments. There are two residential properties that remain in the name of Real Estate Development, LLC, but both are now being controlled by the Clark County Treasurer and are expected to be sold at auction due to tax deeds that were recorded against the properties.  These properties are 4506 Alpine Place Las Vegas, NV 89107 (APN 139-31-410-105) and 5472 W. Alexander Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89130 (APN 138-01-406-008). Client would like assistance in enforcement of his civil judgment.

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