Case Number: 2019-000472

In Consumer Fraud

Client and his wife decided sell their home in Utah and move to Las Vegas.  They contacted a realtor to try to find a place to rent.  The broker showed them a couple of places but were not happy with them. Broker told them he had a place that needed work but they might like it.  Broker told them that the owner would be willing to sell the place if they put $10,000.00 down and then make a monthly payment.  They went ahead and gave broker the $10,000.00. Broker then asked for an additional $10,000.00.  Client told him they did not have the money.  They are already living in the property and have put over $5000.00 in fixtures to the house. Client contacted realtor to let him know they will not be able to have the additional $10,000.00.  Realtor told them they had already forfeited their previous $10k. Client would like her money back. They never signed the agreement.

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