Case Number: 2018-007911

In Consumer Fraud

Spanish speaking client is a single mother of 3, head of household. She needs assistance w/ disputing a contract for Solar Panels. Client had filled out an application electronically for solar panels and financing. The solar panel company told her that she would be receiving an $8k tax credit which would lower her payment. Client accepted for this reason.  When she applied for the credit, she did not get it, so the solar panel company gave her a discount of equivalent amount so she proceeded. Client then proceeded w/ getting the panels installed. When she received her first invoice she realized that they did not give her the rebate, and when she called to address the issue, the company cut off all contact with her. Later on she found out the company has an active bankruptcy case pending. Client also mentioned that she’s been experiencing power outages in her home so she contacted her homeowners insurance to run an investigation. They came to the conclusion that the work the company did to connect the Solar Panels was not done properly and faulty wires are causing these outages. Client stopped paying the monthly installments due the balance being incorrect and the other problems, but she is afraid her home will be liened. She wants assistance w/ voiding the agreement

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