Case Number: 2018-007154

In Domestic Violence

Spanish speaking client is 37 years old, single mother of 2. Client has known perpetrator since they were teenagers as they were neighbors in Mexico and she used to visit his family every summer.  They started dating in the late 90’s and then she got pregnant.  He emigrated to the US first, she followed in 2001 staying with his family but without his knowledge. When he found out that she was in the U.S without his permission he got really upset and told her “he wasn’t ready for her to be here.” During the pregnancy he did not provide financial, mental or physical support but visited her every other month. Client got pregnant for a second time and that’s when he decided to move in with her and his family members since they were already providing for her.  Once they were living together that’s when the abuse started by calling her names. The physical aggression started happening when they moved out on their own as he was now responsible for the household.  The aggression was slapping her with an opened hand, punching her with a closed fist, pulling her and dragging her by the hair in the house and on the street.  In one occasion he closed the car door on her leg. She called the police on several occasions but she always ended up dropping the charges; his family called the police on him also and he got out on probation. In 2015, he sexually assaulted her and destroyed her apartment.  She filed a police report and a criminal case was opened in Superior Court of California.  She decided to move to Las Vegas with her children and the beginning of this year he found them, got into altercation leading her obtaining a TPO and pursuing a divorce.

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