Case Number: 2018-007118

In Domestic Violence

Spanish speaking client is 34 years old, still married with perpetrator, currently living at shelter and she is only receiving $192 on food stamps. Client met perpetrator in 2015 about 2 months after she arrived to the U.S.  They met at work, dated for about 3 months before he moved in with her. They got married in April 2015. Client got pregnant and that’s when he started getting physical as they always had arguments about financial issues since he never provided financial support for the home and he refused to provide medical assistance during the pregnancy. Perpetrator used to push her, slapped her with an opened hand, grabbed her by her clothes and shook her around during pregnancy and after.  Client provided us with a police report dated 9/26/18 based on an incident that happened a month prior-around 8/15/18 as perpetrator wanted to be intimate with her but she said no, he tried on different occasions but since she denied him, he slapped her in the face. The next day she decided to go to a shelter as he previously forced her to be intimate with him but she couldn’t take it anymore so she grabbed her 2 children and left.

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