Case Number: 2018-006947

In Domestic Violence

Applicant and the perpetrator met through social media in 2012.  Applicant and the perpetrator started a long distance relationship.  On April 2014, the perpetrator traveled to the Philippines to propose to applicant.  He proposed.  The perpetrator returned to the United States. Applicant and the perpetrator continued their long distance relationship.  They would communicate everyday through phone calls, texts and social media for another two years, when the perpetrator returned to the Philippines.  In 2016, applicant felt the perpetrator had changed.  The perpetrator had a bad attitude and at times he was verbally rude with applicant. A month later the perpetrator returned to the US.  The perpetrator filed a fiancé visa petition for applicant in 2017.  Applicant moved to the United States in March 27, 2018. She felt that it was time to marry the perpetrator since they had been dating for 6 years.  They got married, things changed.  Applicant discovered that the perpetrator had anger issues.  He would slam the doors and punch the walls whenever he was angry.  Applicant sates that the perpetrator’s eldest daughter had warned her about the perpetrator’s anger issues.  The daughter told her that she had to escape because she could not take it anymore. Applicant told the perpetrator that she wanted to go back to the Philippines if he continued with his anger and he told her that he was sending her back.  The last incident happened on September 2, 2018.  Applicant decided to stay in his daughter’s room because he was punching the walls and she was afraid. Then, the perpetrator was about to punch applicant but the roommate stopped him.  He ended up breaking a table. Applicant moved to Las Vegas to live with her aunt.   The perpetrator continues to harass applicant through email.

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