Case Number: 2018-006527

In Consumer Fraud

Client is 71 years old, she is wheelchair bound and paralyzed on the one side of her body. Her income is social security only. In 2006 client had a caretaker, who stole from her $41,500.00. This was client’s life savings, from her $50,000.00, she only had left $8,500.00. Caretaker was charged with embezzlement December 2010 and along with other sentencing, she was ordered to pay restitution of $41,500.00. Since then caretaker has been very inconsistent with her monthly payments. Client was previously helped with filing a Petition to Enter Judgment and a Default Judgement Plus Interest was granted. A Stipulation and Order was filed; this stip states that caretaker would pay $400.00 a month. However, she is inconsistent with payments to client. Client would like assistance in garnishment of wages or assets, where her payments are consistent every month.

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