Case Number: 2018-006174

In Guardianship

Client is severely disabled and needs a guardian appointed; he needs an attorney to assist him with this process. Client has only barely reached the age of majority but is not competent to make decisions.. The public guardian was appointed, and they have requested a legal aid attorney. Client is receiving home bound school visits from Bonanza High School. Client is unable to talk or communicate other than by facial expressions. Tragically, he lost his mental capacity by a seizure at age 9, following other problems he suffered as a young child. Client requires daily care and is presently in Meridian, which has been a good location for him for the past several years since he was moved from the special care facility in Arizona. An attorney is sought to monitor the progress reports of the home bound school visits, along with the programs of the caregivers at Meridian. The attorney should introduce him or herself to the public guardian, to the administrator at Meridian and to the administrators of the home bound program at Bonanza.

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