Case Number: 2018-002748

In Consumer Fraud

A Spanish speaking single mother of 4 minor children is seeking help to sue adverse parties relating to breach of contract with an event hall she had booked for a birthday party. Client is seeking damages for breach of contract/services not performed. Client stated she made the initial deal with adverse parties to hold a birthday party at the event hall. Client stated that she paid a sizable deposit and a contract was signed. Thereafter, client stated that adverse party introduced a new principal, his daughter, as the new owner of the event hall, and told client all additional payments will be made directly to new principal for services of the party. Client then paid the new principal another sizable payment for the party requirements. Client mentioned nothing seemed abnormal until she read a post on a social media network called “La Pulga” and showed a picture of the event hall being closed down. Upon inspection, client discovered the event hall is all blacked out and had a “writ of possession” on the door. Client attempted several times to recover the deposits but there was no response from any party. Client possesses the Event Agreement, Payment Schedule/Receipt, and evidence of payments. Contract lists the first principal and his adult children as the counterparties.  Client seeks pro bono help to recover her deposits and damages.

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