Case Number: 2018-001774

In Consumer Fraud

He really needs help as his HOA is charging him more money and he can’t afford it as he’s on social security I believe. He had to take a loan out to pay the HOA fines, so he doesn’t become homeless. His wife passed away in August. He’s 73, he’s Spanish speaking but speaks a bit of English. (preferably Spanish speaking attorney), he would also prefer someone downtown because his car is leaking water and he can’t fix it. The client was referred to come into our office by NRED. He is seeking assistance with his HOA fining him for not painting his exterior wall. His fines are up to $500 and will go up every week a $100. Per the CC&R’s he provided the HOA is supposed to maintain the common areas including painting. He has argued his point to the HOA but they refuse to fix the problem. He also filed for mediation thru NRED but they refused to participates. He took several pictures of the complex and it really looks horrible there. His monthly assessment is $225. He needs an attorney to intervene and help stop the fines. I did explain to him that the that the HOA cannot foreclosed on fine but to keep up with his assessments.

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