Case Number: 2018-001473

In Consumer Fraud

Client has 4 minor children. Client needs help to sue adverse party after she purchased a vehicle from him. Client stated that vehicle was found on Client entered into an agreement to purchase a vehicle from adverse party. The total amount agreed on was $7,000. Client paid seller a sizable cash down payment with no receipt. Client has a hand written purchase agreement contract signed by both parties. A remanding balance was still owed to seller. Seller told client his own purchase of the vehicle had been financed, and informed client that he would be making a lump-sum payment using the down payment, to the financing bank for the full pay off amount. The agreement was that when he received the title of the vehicle he would contact client to pay balance and sign the title over. Client stated after 30 days seller had stop answering the phone. Client went to DMV, but was denied for lack of proof of ownership to register vehicle. DMV also informed client that the vehicle was still registered to seller.

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