Case Number: 2017-005159

In Family Law (Divorce/Custody)

Senior needs assistance with a custody/guardianship matter. Client is maternal great aunt of 8-year old child. Child was abandoned by mother at birth in California. At time of abandonment, maternal grandmother and aunt were appointed co-guardians of child. Grandmother cared for child until her death in April, 2016. Child then stayed with aunt who was co-guardian.  Aunt is homeless, has legal issues, and was unable to care for child. In January, 2017 CPS in California contacted client/great aunt and aunt agreed to sign over temporary guardianship to client/great aunt and granted permission for her to take child to Texas. Client moved from Texas to Nevada with child in July, 2017. The aunt’s whereabouts are currently unknown and client/great aunt has been unable to reach her. Client is seeking custody or guardianship of child. She would like to discuss options with attorney.

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