Case Number: 2017-004791

In Federal

This is a 42 U.S.C. § 1983 case referred to the Federal Pro Bono Program for general purpose appointment of counsel to Plaintiff. Plaintiff is currently incarcerated. He brings this action against several officers for using excessive force and violating his constitutional right to informational privacy. Plaintiff alleges that defendants surrounded his vehicle in a casino parking lot, broke out the windows of his vehicle, dragged him through the broken window, and proceeded to punch and kick him while he was laying helpless on the ground in handcuffs. Plaintiff also alleges that a Sergeant instructed the officers to use extreme force. In addition to the excessive force claim, Plaintiff brings a claim against one officer for violating his constitutional right to informational privacy. He alleges that the officer left Plaintiff’s criminal file, which contained his name, date of birth, social security number, and other confidential information, in the back seat of the car Plaintiff was driving when arrested. The file was still in the car when returned back to the registered owner, who was not the Plaintiff. Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss is pending.  Documents available for review: Complain, Screening Order, Answer, Motion to Dismiss, Referral Order

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