Case Number: 2017-004334

In Domestic Violence

Mother, a domestic violence victim, needs assistance with a divorce and custody matter that was remanded by Nevada Court of Appeals. This case was reversed in part and remanded for the District court to reconsider property distribution in the divorce decree, specifically the validity of the marital home conveyance from adverse party to grandfather. Paternal grandfather was listed on deed so case was remanded to join him to allow him to submit evidence regarding validity of the marital home conveyance. The court previously found that defendant committed forgery regarding client’s personal injury checks. Court also found client’s proceeds from personal injury case were found to be her sole and separate property. Those proceeds went toward the house which was awarded to client in divorce decree. Court found that adverse party exercised his power and financial control over client in their marital relationship. The court also found that he engaged in domestic violence against her. These findings are not reversed and will not be considered on remand. Adverse party has child support and alimony arrears in excess of $25,000. It also appears, he failed to disclose substantial finances from a business. The parties have 2 children, one of whom has special needs. The new trial date has not yet been set. There are Motion Hearings on 9/28/17 at 9:30 am and 10/31/17 at 9:00 am. The case is in Department L.

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