Case Number: 2017-002103

In Family Law (Divorce/Custody)

Mother needs assistance with a maternity, custody, and support matter. The parties separated in January, 2016 when father took child and only allowed applicant to see child once per week. Father was using drugs and neglecting child so CPS intervened and removed the child from his care. Father is currently in jail in Texas. Mother had a CPS case plan which she completed in record time so she could be reunified with her child. Child has lived with mother since May, 2016. Mother would like sole legal and sole physical custody. She would also like to establish maternity so she can amend the child’s birth certificate to reflect her proper name. Client admitted she used a fake name on the child’s birth certificate when child was born because her parental rights were terminated to other children and she didn’t want this child taken by CPS.

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