Case Number: 2017-001936

In Children's Attorneys Project (Abuse/Neglect Cases)

A 2 year old boy came into DFS care in April, 2017 after his sister’s parents failed to pick her up from school (they both share the same mom, but they have different dads). Eventually, their aunt picked her up. Department visited their home and found mom high on meth. Both of his sister’s parents insisted that they were not responsible for any children. They acknowledged receiving phone calls from the child’s school. Although 3 adults resided at home, none of them treated client’s diaper rash. Client’s dad, living in Germany, made contact with the Department after hearing about this case. He would like custody of his child, but he was denied travel to the U.S. 3 times. Client needs an attorney to represent his legal interests regarding permanency, placement, and visitation and to ensure the proper services are in place.

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