Case Number: 2017-001305

In Domestic Violence

Domestic violence victim needs assistance with an open divorce, custody and support matter. The parties married in 2011 and they separated in February 2017 due to physical and verbal abuse. Adverse party abandoned client and child following an argument; he closed their joint bank accounts, stole client and child’s identification documents, and left them with no money to survive. Client obtained a 30-day TPO as she fears the adverse party due to his abusive behavior and because he is reportedly not taking his PTSD medication. Client was a stay at home mom but has started looking for a job. She is seeking joint legal and primary physical custody of their 8-month old baby due to father’s mental health issues. Adverse party is seeking joint legal and joint physical custody. Client is also seeking spousal support, share of husband’s military pension and to keep her vehicle. There are no court dates set at this time. 

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