Case Number: 2017-000111

In Consumer Fraud

Seniors, ages 78 and 82, need assistance to enforce a settlement agreement and pursue legal action if adverse party does not comply. Clients were assisted pro bono by Robert Graham’s office regarding an elder abuse matter involving their son. Clients signed a settlement agreement with son providing that he would pay them $450 per month until their death. There is no total settlement amount specified in agreement. The son made a few payments and then stopped. Another pro bono attorney successfully obtained 2 more payments for the clients via demand letter, however, the son missed the next month’s payment. The clients need an attorney to review the settlement agreement and explore all possible legal options to ensure they receive the proper settlement without having to take son back to court every time he misses a payment. Clients would also like to know if they can amend the settlement agreement to get a lump sum instead of depending on son to make monthly payments.

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