Case Number: 2016-005583

In Federal

This is a 42 U.S.C. § 1983 case for general purpose appointment of counsel to Plaintiff. Plaintiff argues that Nevada Department of Corrections, Defendants, violated the First and Eighth Amendment. Defendants unreasonably searched and seized his legal work in retaliation for filing a grievance against them. In addition, they withheld and/or disposed of legal mail, so that he would miss filing deadlines for his lawsuit. Officers used excessive force when they slammed his head into the bunk. Then they handcuffed him and punched him repeatedly in the face. During the attack, officers caused permanent damage to his arm by twisting it and gave him two black eyes. The hospital took x-rays and documented his injuries. Prison officials then falsely imprisoned Plaintiff in maximum security prison when he was classified as a minimum security inmate. They did this in retaliation. The Department failed to answer his grievances within 45 days as required by AR 740. In June, 2016, the parties had a Settlement Conference, but it was unsuccessful. Plaintiff’s retaliation and excessive force claims survived summary judgment. Plaintiff’s request for preliminary injunction and restraining order were denied. Latest Update: The defendant thinks the parties have reached a potential settlement agreement and has filed a motion to enforce settlement. The plaintiff is currently refusing mail. There is no trial date currently set. Documents available for review: Complaint, Answer, MSJ documents, Screening Order

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